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If I domesticated the cheetah, would you buy it?

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  • 5 months ago

    Years ago you could have an ocelot as a pet here in the US.  I saw a few of them on TV and I desperately wanted one.  It behaved like a housecat but was about as big as a German shepherd.  And they were so beautiful! 

    A cheetah would be just as beautiful (though they do tend to be kind of skinny and bony).  Did you know cheetahs are the only cats that can't retract their claws?  So the floors would be a mess.  It'd be fun to race them! (Except we'd probably pass some law against that.) 

    Finally, cheetahs are the only cat that doesn't stalk its prey (because when you're the fastest animal in the world you don't have to sneak up!)  And I have to wonder how that would affect their behavior.  They wouldn't slink around the house like a cat.

    There's a guy in Russia who is domesticating foxes.  You can buy one now, they're like $40,000.  But they don't look like foxes anymore, they look like a little dog.  So I wonder if domesticated cheetahs would even look interesting.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I have no intention being kitty food. 

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