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Where is the $20 bill George Floyd was killed over and was it actually confirmed to be counterfeit?

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    IT doesn't matter. We don't have the death penalty for counterfeiting money or passing counterfeit money. It's amazing the excuses conservatives like mokri will make up to excuse police killings- IF the victim is black!

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    Yes it was counterfeit. And he was high on meth and fentanol when the cop knelled on him. He was also saying I can't breathe while he was standing up and no one was touching him. He also had a rap sheet that included a home break in where he shoved a gun in a pregnant woman's stomach and said he would shoot the baby unless he got money.. one more fact that is not talked about. The Minneapolis cops are trained to kneel on the neck and it's even in the training manual. It's not as clear cut as a murder as we thought. 

  • 2 months ago

    It's a secret:

    "What happened to that bill?

    Public officials have been mum on the location of the alleged counterfeit, citing ongoing investigations and lawsuits. 

    A spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department referred a reporter the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

    "Under Minnesota law, the BCA is unable to discuss evidence or details of an open and active investigation," wrote BCA Public Information Officer Jill Oliveira in an email response to USA TODAY."

    "Spokesman John Stiles said officials couldn't comment on investigative data. "

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