the probability that a student entering college will graduate is 0.6 determine that out of 8 students none will graduate?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    College Educations are a waste of time and money for the majority.

     College Educations were a simple storage place for the Rich Kids. four to six years out of the way.

    Education was used by RACISTS to keep "them" out of jobs.

    When the EEOC laws allowed only education requirement to deny jobs. The RACISTS demanded a High School Diploma or GED to hire minorities. When too many started getting Diplomas or GED the RACISTS upped the educational requirement to College, eventually to a College Diploma.

    The The Scammer Scolars started advertising. "Graduates make More money than non-graduates", Next the Truth in Advertising "College Graduates make more IN A LIFE TIME" was touted.

    Not mentioning that the educational loans also take a life time to pay off, if ever.

    Better learn a TRADE, instant high paying job,

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