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Why do some women have bigger baby bumps than others at the same stage in pregnancy?

I'm not talking about women pregnant with twins or triplets.

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    Many reasons.

    Even women who start at a similar size before pregnancy are likely to have slightly different body types.

    The amount of muscle on the abdominal wall can impact how much the bump with push out or stretch outward.  

    First pregnancy vs second pregnancy will make a difference.  Things usually stretch sooner and farther on a second pregnancy.  

    The position of the baby can cause the bump to push out farther.  (carrying high or carrying low - baby shifted toward the back or shifted toward the front.)  

    One woman might be carrying more water weight than the other woman.

    Women also just have different body types in general. 

    Even the actual size of the baby might be different even though the women are at the same stage in the pregnancy.  This would be more likely near the end of the pregnancy.  After all, the birth weight of a baby can range anything from 6 lbs to 9 lbs for an average birth weight.  A woman who is going to give birth to a 9 lb baby is likely to have a bigger bump at 8 months than a woman who is going to give birth to a 6 lb baby.

    Even the clothing the woman is wearing can give the illusion of a bigger bump.  Unless they are dressed exactly the same, it could simply be the way their clothes fit that makes one woman's bump show more than the other.  Some women want to show off that baby bump and will pick form fitting maternity tops to "hug" and show off the bump while other women pick tops that are more flowing and make the bump less noticeable.  

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    The shape and size of a woman's 'baby bump" is going to be determined by the woman's own body shape and her weight; the position of the baby at a given time;  and by the size and weight of the baby.

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    its mostly the position of the fetus in the womb and eating habits . But then a really skiny girl can show more.

    also its the size of the baby.

    and genetics.

    thats why i could never marry a tall guy . I want cute sized baby and weight.

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    Their height.  The body fat percentage they had going into pregnancy.  The size of the kid.  The position of the kid.  The strength of their abdominal muscles. 

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    Because women are different people with different body shapes, rather than all of us having standard-issued bodies that make us all look exactly the same and react identically to pregnancy.

  • 1 month ago

    cause god made us all different

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