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Do you think he wasn't interested?

I met the most dreamy guy I've ever met before while waiting on line at the bar in San Francisco (as I live there right now), at 11pm. He was with his bestfriend from college. He saw me and turned around and began to flirt & joke with me. Once I entered the bar, he turned around to walk up and talk to me. We were talking & he said he was moving to NYC in 2 weeks. I told him I am from NYC and am here for grad school. While talking I touched his hand to express interest. I told him he was cute & he told me I was cute too. He asked me to dance & I told him I had to leave to meet w/ friends. I expressed disappointment that he was leaving & he said we would meet for a beer before he left. I then gave him my number but he didn't give me his. I left the bar. At the end of the night I saw him outside with his guy friend. There was no girl with him. He never texted me. I wonder if he wasn't that interested in me and maybe just thought I would be an easy lay or something. It really is so odd. I had interpreted it to be genuine interest rather than shallow, but if he was actually interested in me, wouldn't he have texted me that night or that week regardless of whether he was leaving in a few weeks to move to NYC?

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    maybe you should ask him this question

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