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I need new hobbies. I need help? ?

I have depression. I was only known for being a good kid for having good food, wi- fi, and take good showers. But what good do I give if I bring people down, like I always do? I was sexualized by my sister and stepmom when I was 12 and so on. I find out later that she was in blood-related my sister which made me feel depression and I got all weirded-out by her. When she told me that, she broke my heart and I no longer give a damn, but sometimes I still feel my heart-ache. I just need new hobbies that will grab depression by the throat. Like I already play video games and workout. I just need something like a martial art, or to write action comics(with martial arts fighting SHOWN inside the comics), or horror comics. I like Stan Lee's comics, The Justice League, and Stephen King. But I'm afraid I might NOT READ ALL OF THOSE BOOKS before I die. What should I do as a hobby?

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  • Imp
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    Exercising, you don't even need equipment!

  • .
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    A good starting point is in self-acceptance and in strengthening your own view of things.

    That is, you are and you are good.

    Of course, you can't say that in so many words to others, but your viewpoint is valid and is no less valuable than that of others.

    Your description of what you used to enjoy is good and you can now go back to that.

    Don't let yourself think that you bring others down habitually - and if you did, then so what?

    If you don't want it to be true, then don't let it.

    Just don't think that way and it won't be true.

    There are three parts of psychology: affection, cognition, and conation.

    You need to work on conation (your own power of will).

    Much of what we think has been suggested to us.

    You need to counteract bad suggestions and find out what is true to you and what resonates within you.

    Don't classify anything to yourself unless it fits in with your filtering system.

    A book is worthless to you, a dead weight, unless you can relate it to yourself in this way.

    The most important thing is not what you "intake", but how you relate that book to yourself.

    You need to organize the book and "classify" it to your own belief system and what you know before you can "take it in".

    The book is worthless to you until you relate it to yourself in this way.


    The rational memory, by William Henry Groves. 1912. 2nd ed.

    172 p. ; 19 cm.

    New York : Cosmopolitan Press,

    Class Descriptors: LC: BF385

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    just try different things and then you'll know what your new hobby would be

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