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Should I take a gap semester for college?

Is taking a gap semester this fall a good decision? I would apply as a freshman to Spring 2021, which is a semester later, but I could catch up by doing summer anf winter classes. My purpose in wanting to do this is because I want to work to save money to go to the school I want to go to, but there is a risk of me not getting in. Should I do a gap semester, or attend my safety school for a year and then transfer?

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    You're going about this the wrong way. First, figure out what you want to do for a living, then determine how to become qualified for it. Too many 22 year olds are working as cashiers and call center clerks. If you're taking a gap year, you're putting your career to a later start so it's good to have a goal from the beginning to head towards.

    Look for the cheapest way possible to earn your degree. Studies have shown that after five years of being in the workforce, employers don't care where you graduated from as long as you have the credentials they're looking for. Experience is highly valuable. (For instance, how many times is someone really going to ask their tax preparer where they graduated college from? I think they'd be more concerned that they can do the job well.) Just because a school is Ivy League doesn't automatically mean it's better. 

    Could working for a semester to save up be good? Yes, but make sure you use time and manage your money productively. Sometime while you're in college, try to get work experience related to your major. 

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