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Help! IP address question! ?

Okay so I work at Applebee’s and I just started and one day when I was off my friend at work told me to go on the Applebee’s and order like $90 of food for pickup and then I was supposed to not go and get it, obviously, so that the crew could eat the dead food! And I did it on my iPhone at my house. And then the next week they had me do it again. And of course my managers are mad bc they had to come $200 of food all together and I don’t think they think at all that it’s an employee but they know they were fake phone numbers and names for the orders. And I overheard my manager said corporate is looking into it. So now I’m scared. Can the corporate of Applebee’s find my IP address where I ordered or my number or location where I ordered? Or is that not even possible and I shouldn’t even worry? I ordered from my iPhone and went to the website where you just add any name or number like I said. I’m just worried about my job! Do you think I shouldn’t worry about it? Like does apppebees corporate even have the ability to find the people or will they just be like well oh well? 


Also an I ordered on the website on my phone. Not the app. And there’s an option to order online and pay when you pick it up. You don’t have to pay online. So I used a fake name, number, and fake email. Nothing tied to me. The only thing I can think is if they dig to find my IP address which will link my actual address and they’ll find out it’s me 

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    depends on the amount of loss against the cost of investigating, if all you did was order from home using your IP then its pretty cheap for their lawyer to ask you ISP for the details and trace it back. This sounds like fraud, you ordering and then giving out company goods, so odds are they will spend a bit to put people off trying it, and yes i would be afraid for your job. WHen they trace you they wont be happy about it.

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    You're a real jerk. You work for a company and steal from them. Yes, you should be fired.

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    I am a little confused at the situation though. If you ordered via the app, you have to pay while placing the order. It used to be that you could order via phone and not pay until you went to pick it up. In that case they'd ask for your number or use caller ID.  

    As far as investigating it, it depends on how deep they want to dig in order to figure this out.  This type of info isn't typically difficult to find though unless someone is trying to hide it.  

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    Theft is always taken seriously by Corporate. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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