So a week ago a lightbulb in a closed fixture (there are 2 light bulbs and a dome over the 2 lights ) went out so I go to change it and ?

Notice a tiny bit of moisture at the very bottom of said dome. Yesterday a week old light bulb goes out. Today I notice condensation on one side of the inside of the dome. When u take the dome off there is a long metal piece running down the middle of the fixture and has an opening at the bottom that sometimes I have felt air through. There is no one living above us and no ac up there. It's a duplex with 2 other duplexes just like it in either side. What could be the issue ? I plan to call matience Thursday when they reopen. But I've heard this kind of thing can cause a fire ??? It's not a constant drip. Idk picture of said condensation today. 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Call an electrician to check.                 

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