To any mothers, how do I get my mother to love me, please I’m desperate ?

My whole life I’ve been trying so hard to just get her to at least like me. 

I was born with slight brain damage and sometimes I wonder if she harbors hatred toward me because my dad abandoned us when I was born because he said he couldn’t handle an abnormal child. It turns out I have cognitive delay, high functioning autism and borderline personality disorder. 

But no matter what I do she just gets angry. If I say something negative I get yelled at, positive, I get yelled at, Now she picked up this new habit of just flat out ignoring me when I tell her about my day and will just continue to text her friends and then yell at me for bothering her.

I’ve had several serious suicide attempts and sustained some damage but I’m still alive. I thought if I killed myself she could find peace without me being around but a random medium told me don’t bother because my grandma who passed a while ago has helped me through the other attempts and will continue helping me until I succeed in life. I believe in the medium because she told me this legit for free and I didn’t even ask about my grandma 

I just want to know because my sister and brother don’t get this treatment from her. 

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    unfortunately you might not be able to but maybe you can ask god to do that

  • 1 month ago

    You should give up.  I know the mother daughter bond is tight, but you can drive yourself into depression and illness fretting over how to make you mother love you.  You can't do it.  So don't kill yourself trying.  Get on with your life without mom.

    I speak from experience as my late wife kept trying to get her mother to love her.  But my late wife never felt that her mom did.  So it gave her deep angst just thinking about it.  As the by-standing spouse I watched the drama between my late wife and her mom unfold almost weekly.

    My assessment was this.  Her mom was jealous.  Her mom once was living the high-life mixing with celebrities and attending gala parties in Hollywood, Europe, and DC.  Her mom was on a first-name (intimate) relationship with generals and Senators while she was married to my late wife's father.  But that came crashing down when the father divorced the mom in law to marry another woman, and the mom in law was left essentially penniless.

    Now along came my late wife her daughter.  Long story short; her daughter was happily married to the day she died, she was a VP in a major biotech company, and she was loved and cared for by her family.  In other words, my late wife was everything the mom in law used to be but no longer was.  So the mom in law was jealous and treated her successful daughter terribly.

    My late wife finally learned to accept that her mom would never love her like she wanted.  So she simply accepted that her mom be friendly if not loving.  It was a sad thing to watch.  In fact  liked her mom, but I didn't like what she did to my wife.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Leave, make no contact from your side, until you get action.

    "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

    I doubt hatred, more likely disappointment, or disgust and embarrassment.

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