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my mom wont let me get minecraft?

I looked up all the possibilitys for how to get your parents to get you stuff, I have wanted this for years, I have been babysitting my sisters while my parents work and doing chores while being homeschooled, and I asked her in the best way I could. she is afraid of other players being hackers or just weirdos who will like,  be horrible and call me and stuff, I can never get her away from my other siblings to ask her the proper way, and shes egxausted when I do see her, I would pay for the game, share it with my siblings, and be super careful. she also lets us have other video games(just as unsafe), but there for little kids. what do I do? 

P.S. she says she will think about it but that is just code for, "go away, no."


sorry, I dont mean to sound like a spoiled bratt about this. I have just been having a hard time lately and this would be a fun distraction

Update 2:

thank you for your answers. I am deleting this question in the morning, because I dont want my mom getting emails about this. thank you.

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    You need to find another adult she trusts, like a parent of your friends that has minecraft, to tell her minecraft is a great game for kids your age.  The bottom line is that you aren't a credible source of information to your Mom, but another adult might be.

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    maybe you can get it and just dont tell your mom about it

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