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Is Donkey Kong too hairy to be profitable in your opinion 💰?

Example: Mario has no hair and his games sell well, Cheif Master from Halo has no hair and his games sell well...But what about someone with hair like Sonic?..Well if you remember when the movie came out Sonic was originally hairy, but the people freaked out and demanded that they change him. So the movie company re-animated him and made him a smooth hairless looking Hedgehog.  

So lets talk about Donkey my opinion his games dont sell because hes hairy (and brown) 

And Crash Bandicoots games dont sell because hes hairy (and brown). The last time these two had a 'solo' game was almost 25 years ago! (Literally)   

Do you think the U.S. is racist against hairy brown characters, or do you think its something alse.

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    In my opinion, no. Maybe some people don't like to play as apes, but you have to consider the quality of the games not just the characters.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I don't think that's the case. Maybe the series of DK or Crash Bandicoot appeal to some players. Also, Crash Bandicoot is not brown. Still, chill.

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