Best way to protect myself from COVID 19 if I’m flying out?!?

Hey guys so around March I got COVID 19, sucks just had mild symptoms, anyways I have a business trip to New York “ Brooklyn “ for three days but that requires either driving 13 hours or flying for free. Truthfully I’m scared shitless, I don’t watch to catch COVID flying over there or coming back especially because I have a family. 

If I decide to fly out what is the best best best to protect myself at all times besides wearing a mask. “ of course I will wear one “ lol

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    If you must fly, make sure you have plenty of sanitizer, mind your social distance, wear a face mask and probably wouldn't hurt to have some clorox wipes to wipe down the seat, tray table, seat belt, armrest and anything else you might touch.  Or wear gloves.  

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    1 month ago

    Wash your hands frequently

    Take and use hand sanitizer

    Wipe down surfaces (seats, tray tables, arm rests, seat belts, etc).

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    If you had the CCP virus and recovered then you are a lot less likely to get it again.   

    The virus isn't the zombie apocalypse.  It also isn't the Black Death, Ebola,  or even the Spanish Flu. We didn't know that at first but we know it now. The DNC is trying to use the virus to destroy the economy because they believe doing that will hurt Trump at the polls in November.  In reality, we can protect the vulnerable without the lockdowns. 

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