smita asked in Local BusinessesIndiaPune · 5 months ago

Pest Control: What are some ways to get rid of cockroaches and ants inside the house?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If you have roaches, you need to call an exterminator. You know the saying, if you see one roach, there's a hundred more in your home? It's true. They breed and breed and breed like crazy. You can kill all that you see, and the rest may keep their distance for a few days, but sure enough, more and more come back. They always do. No such thing as a few roaches in your home, unfortunately. 

    Ants can be the same, depending on where they are. Many create nests in walls, and like roaches, impossible to get rid of. Your best bet is to call a professional to get rid of the infestation completely, then use preventatives in the future. If you live in an area where they are impossible to control, set up things outside and keep your home clean inside. Bugs generally hate the smell of mint, mainly peppermint and wintergreen. I keep bugs out by using an outside spray as a barrier and it works pretty well for a few months at a time. 

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