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What mountains do you see flying into Dubai?

I flew into Dubai back in January and I remember seeing mountains that skirted the coast of the Persian Gulf, however I don’t remember if they were on the Arabian Peninsula side or the Iranian side. Does anyone know the name of this range? I included a picture of the flight path for reference. 


The picture didn’t load. We flew through Saudi Arabia to enter Dubai.

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    There are mountains on both sides.

    If you crossed over the Persian Gulf, you probably saw the Iranian mountains.

    However: if you overshot Dubai (not shown on the map, try this one)

    or were circling Dubai for awhile you would have gotten a good view of the much slimmer mountain range that faces the Gulf of Oman, the Al-Hajar range.

    I suspect that is the range you remember.

    The Iranian range that faces the Persian Gulf actually extends to the North all the way through Iraq and into Turkey and is called the Zagros range.

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    I've never been to Dubai to watch any mountains flying in.

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