HVAC Issue?

My house is only 8 years old. It has 2 zone system. A/C was blowing warm air since May. Technician loaded freon in mid-May and it only run for 2 months. He loaded again with sealant a month ago and it only last for 2 weeks. He performed a proper leak check on the system today and he couldn't find any leak in the attic coil and the outside unit. He has no clue what's the issue. He loaded freon again (keep charging me). What could be the issue? Please advice. Thanks.

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    The issue is a leak, one he can't find, and one that takes very little time for it to piss out. It may be either the condenser or the evaporator coil. The age is right for them to have been made out of the thin aluminum that has been causing issue all over the place. The leak could also be the schrader valves, or anywhere along the line run. When a tech goes to the desperate measure of sealant in a system, it's really just a prayer. Close your eyes and hope. Sealants in systems have as many negatives as positives and one never knows how they will turn out.

    I'm assuming he used a detector, then dye, then high pressure, about all that can be done.   

  • 1 month ago

    change technicians.  there plainly is a leak, this guy just can't find it.  and yes, leak might be in the refrigerant lines themselves -- which makes one fairly hard to detect [technician turns system off and pumps it dry. then he seals the ends of the lines and pumps them full of nitrogen gas.  then he waits ... may require overnight.  then he tests the pressure in the sealed lines ... if one if significantly low, or lower than the other, there is a leak in that line and the solution is to replace the line.]  While your house is 'only' 8 years old, if the line runs underground, there is a reasonable chance the house settled onto the line and damaged it.  New lines would be run through the attic and down the side of the house.  You should expect that this whole process will cost over $1,000 US in North America.  -- grampa

  • Droopy
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    1 month ago

    Well obviously theres a leak.  1st thing is find a new HVAC company.  If it leaked refrigerant out in 2 weeks with a good leak detector.   an a pressurized system with 200 lbs of nitrogen should be real easy yo find

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