First day as a dementia Carer starting next week, what to expect?

Hello I’m 23 years old and I’ve gotten my first job working as a Carer for old aged residents with dementia.

I’m just wondering what I can expect on my first day as I’m extremely nervous and I’ve never worked in care before.

I have personal experience caring for family members (not dementia)

I’m just wanting some tips haha thank you

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    5 months ago

    Every dementia patient is so different. Expect them to either be nice, aloof, nasty, or a bit of all of them. 

    I’m an RN. I don’t care for that population (I care for women and children) but I recall my clinical rotations, and I recall my mothers experience working with that population. You sort of just need to not take anything they might say to heart, and be prepared to provide unconditional care.

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