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I’m getting braces tomorrow and I just want to know what to expect and what colour to get? I’m a girl with blue eyes and black hair ?

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  • 5 months ago

    Something they always told me back when i had braces is to not pick yellow because it will make your teeth look yellow from a distance. Besides that pick whatever colour is your favourite! at most places they even let you mix colours. And don't worry it's not something that has to go with your clothes or your eyes because it won't stand out enough for that to be a problem.

    If you get sick of the colour they change it every month if i remember correctly.

  • k w
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    5 months ago

    the TV is advertising a new plastic one and may be superior to the metal.......

  • 5 months ago

    Any color you want. The bands will be changed every couple of months, so you can pick different colors each time.  I know kids who have picked their favorite colors, seasonal colors, favorite team or school colors.  Plus you have the option of clear bands.

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