Please help, my parents won’t take me to a doctor and my lungs have been getting worse it’s been 6 months?

Ok so I know that’s not a question . But I’m desperate. I’m 18, I can make appointments myself I know, but I have severe anxiety which makes it really hard to do plus I don’t have a way to my doctor without my parents. In late March I started having bronchitis like symptoms. I stopped smoking marijuana right after to let it heal, a month after quitting weed it didn’t go away only got worse, I begged my parents to take me to a doctor , but because I get anxious about my health a lot they wouldn’t. 3 months into the sickness they took me to a doctors office (had a 2 star rating) they listened to one symptom , didn’t check me and said “you know what it’s allergy season here’s some pills” . And the pills didn’t work. 6 months in now, my ears feel plugged, my throat is sore and hurts really bad on and off, my lungs feel... irritated and funky, and my voice is really hoarse. I assume I would of had sepsis by now if it was an infection . Also I have weird bubbling noises at the bottom of my lungs. I really want to see a doctor I hate asking people I don’t know for opinions , but there’s no one else to go to as of now.. I have a few things in mind but I’d like to know if I should continue waiting this out, or try to convince my parents to take me to urgent care , thank u for kind answers


Edit: don’t comment on my anxiety . I’m under my parents care not only for that because of mental disabilities. You don’t need to comment on that. It’s rude. 

I’ll add that I have no fever. 98 temp sometimes 97. 

Update 2:

Another edit, I don’t have insurance. 

We get it in a few weeks . We had insurance a couple months ago while this was still going on and when I was STILL 17. I JUST turned 18 when we lost the insurance , thought I’d add that so you all don’t think I’m just on here to rant lol

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  • 4 months ago

    Time to grow up.  Call and make an appointment and take a taxi to the office.  

  • 5 months ago

    According to a Google search, seasonal allergies last 14 days as much. So, probably is something else. Totally get you, I'm 18 as well and i was having sleep apnea, so I went to the doctor by myself and they didn't help me because I need my parents aprovement. If the problem persist, try your best in convincing them and keep insisting.

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    It sounds like seasonal allergies. You should have continued the pills, they help but don't cure the symptoms. It has been a very bad season this year.

  • 5 months ago

    Well, sorry about the anxiety - but because of this, you really need to take the initiative to do things for yourself... it's called making positive life changes.  

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  • y
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Allergies, vaping, smoking, low grade infection, all are possibilities. You did not mention temp, that really is something you should be paying attention to, and if it is not bad enough. Sit outside in the heat for a bit and then take it. By the way, didn't you hear. That anxiety crap that has been feed for the last decade, that it seems so many have. No longer matters, at least according to the media and doc on the left.  The masks trigger/amplify anxiety, which leads to difficulty breathing, which is why so many are bitching about breathing with the masks on. It's now being dismissed as irrelevant, get over it, do what you are suppose to do.

  • 5 months ago

    You're an adult...  Its on YOU to make an appt.   If the treatment didnt work..  Theb YOU make a follow-up visit with the Dr.

    You cant go thru life using "anxiety" as an excuse for someone else to chauffeur you around

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