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Why is COVID-19 so much deadlier in Canada than the USA?

I am an Ottawa native who currently lives in El Paso, Texas. I have noticed that COVID-19 seems far more lethal in Ottawa than in El Paso. Ottawa has had 2629 cases and 264 deaths, for a mortality rate of about 10%.  El Paso has far more cases, at 16,308, but we have had only 29 more deaths than Ottawa.  El Paso has 293 deaths for a mortality rate of  about 1.8%  

If infected, you are approximately  5 times more likely to die of COVID-19 in Ottawa than in El Paso.  The statistics State and Province-wide differ as well. Texas has a mortality rate of about 1.7% and Ontario's death rate is about 7%.  

Nation-wide, Canada's death rate from COVID is about 7.5% and the USA's is less than 0.5%

There are far more cases here in the USA, but the lethality is much lower.  Did Canada get hit with a much more lethal strain?  Is the difference due to health care standards?  Is Canada not actively testing?  Why is COVID-19 so much more deadly in Canada?

Check the stats here: Ottawa Ontario:  El Paso Texas:

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  • bill
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    2 months ago

    Maybe there are more old,decrepit  people in Canada.

  • Petter
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    2 months ago

    There's probably just a great difference in reporting. Viruses doesn't care about borders.

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