I am going to have a phone interview with a US cellular job recruiter for a Customer Service representative. How should I prepare for this?

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  • 1 month ago

    Come with a few questions prepared.  You never want to not have questions.  Saying, "Well, you already answered most of them." is never good.  The questions should be about the job.  I personally like a question like, "If I were to get the position, where would need me to make an immediate impact."  (or something along those lines depending on the role.)  It says you're looking to get up to speed ASAP while getting insight into what the interviewer sees important.

    Come with 3-4 things you want to make sure they know about you.  Mentally check those off in your head.  Figure out how to work them in if a question is related.  If it doesn't come up, use the question time to make sure they know about it.  (Ideally through a question.)

    If you're interviewing via Zoom/video, then make sure you've tested everything including the lighting and background.  No clutter behind you.  Lighting ideally should be from the front as opposed to the side or back.  Look at the camera for your answers and not at their picture somewhere else on the screen.  The camera is their eyes.  (Position their video on the screen just under your camera if you can so that when you're looking at them it looks like you're looking at the camera...or as close as you can get.)

    Edit:  Moved this to the bottom as you said phone interview.  I would make sure whether you know it's 'phone' or video.  (Understand what to wear. Always dress slightly better than those you're interviewing with but not overdressed. You to have an image they feel like they can relate to.)

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    Be sober and speak with good grammar.  Turn off anything that makes sound that can be heard over the phone or distracts you.  

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