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Shocking News! Stanton Out?

New York's Gianegro Stanton was placed on the 10-day IL after suffering a "hamstring injury".

Since joining the Wankers before the 2018 season Stanton has played in just 190 of 338 games while pulling down over $52M.

The boy is getting older, not better, and the team is on the hook for another $158M over the next 7 years.

Is Stanton destined to become another AFraud for the Bronx Buttheads?

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    The only surprise here is that it took 16 games for it to happen.  We had a pool on how many games it would take before he wound up on the IL.  I took 0 figuring he wouldn't make it out of summer camp.  Fortunately they have plenty of DH options.  I'd like to see Andujar get the full time role.  I couldn't care less about the money.  It doesn't come from my pocket.

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    Not a surprise given his injury history.

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    He can come back to play after his injury is over,

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