If I start work at 6AM, what would be the best time to sleep and wake up for each shift?

For some reason getting only 6 hours of sleep and waking up around 4:30AM makes me feel very lethargic and tired at work.  I'm also finding myself getting even more tired as we approach Friday despite getting 6 hours of sleep every day.

Also, why is it when I get 6 hours of sleep the previous day and get 8 hours of sleep the next day, I still end up feeling very tired at work?

Does being tired at work also make the shift seem much longer?

1 Answer

  • laura
    Lv 5
    3 months ago

    I start work at half 5 in the morning and if I stay up past 11 pm I feel rubbish the next morning, I try to aim for 9 pm even if I do want to stay up longer. I know I’ll only regret the next day if I stay up any later, it might seem boring but I know I’ll feel much more recharged and fresh if I go up at 9. I’m up a bit later tonight because I’ve got neck ache so having a quick glass of wine before turning in for the night 

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