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My cat is shedding so much should I take her to the vet?

Last year in April my friend moved out with her 2 cats and I thought my cat hated them but I guess she just wasn't used to it and was missing them and she would meow constantly. Now she still meows constantly and I feel like there are multiple reasons to it but I feel like it's also because she wants her way. When I feed her she'll knock the box with her head pouring more food in her bowl which I feed her what my vet said the recommended amount but she also meows because she wants to go outside and if I'm out there with her for around a hour she'll meow when I bring her back in it's constant and I play with her for a few hours of the day. She used to be so quiet. She also sheds constantly like I could pet her and hair would just fall out. I tried brushing her and the hair I ended up with was bigger than my hands and she was still shedding like crazy. I'm not sure if she's stressed because she purrs all the time and just loves to sit next to me but with her meowing I only get 4 hours of sleep at night even if I let her sleep with me because she sleeps at the end of my bed. And the shedding is getting out of hand I sneeze constantly and brush her 3 times a day because none of it will come out fully. What do I do?

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    Your cat might be lonesome. Has the vet made any recommendations? Has the cat been tested for thyroid issues? 

    I would consider:-Try better cat food. Some foods don't provide enough nutrition for the cat. 

    -Try adding EFA supplements to the diet.

    -Is it too hot in the house?

    -Let the cat outside on her own if she is not scared and IS ALREADY SPAYED. No unspayed cat should be outside.

    -Consider getting a buddy for the cat. Keep in mind that it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for cats to become accustomed to one another, and better with the new cat in a different room for a couple weeks. A bathroom works well.

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    If she is balding due to shedding, then you must see a vet.  If she isn't, then it is likely to be normal and as for her behaviour, some cats are needy and a pain in the rear. Give her a good play session and food before bed.  Hopefully she will sleep for longer.

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