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Is Keefe done in Toronto?


I actually hope the Leafs keep him, because he has done well for himself ever since he escaped from David Frost mind control. 

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  • opurt
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    4 months ago
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    Not a chance, he'll be back. Or he will be if they have any sense.

    The problems that the Leafs seem to have right now are more Dubas' issue than anyone else's. Too much cap space tied up on too few forwards leaving not enough for offensive depth or much defense at all it seems, and the cap not going up just makes it worse to try to manage. It'll be hard to move some of those forwards to free up cap space, since the teams with cap space generally don't have the cash to pay the bonus-heavy contracts that the Leafs would need to unload.

  • 4 months ago

    Hes probably staying, but Im not a fan at all. He doesn't really communicate with the players, and i don't really see any chemistry with Keefe leading the team. Plus, I know the leafs lost in 5, but if you rewatch the series they were completely outplayed.

  • ken
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    4 months ago

    Kyle Dubas needs to go, he can't put together a playoff team.

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    Keefe came in when the leafs were in a tail spin, with the leafs sitting at 8-12-4. He had no training camp, and no time to meet the players/evaulate them etc, yet had them playing at a 105 pt pace over 82games.

    Keefe while he made some rookie mistakes this year/playoffs, he's not getting fired for the failure to advance.

    He gets a full season next year.

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  • I don't see him getting sacked, but that effort in Game 5 was awful which is on everyone.  May be time to make some unpleasant changes. This team has too many elite forwards to get shut out twice in a 5-game series.  Not close to good enough. 

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