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Chronic Thrush and Conceiving?

Hi, I have chronic thrush so I suffer yeast infections A LOT. Like at least once a month. Will this have any affect on me getting pregnant in the future and is there anything I can do to increase the chances if there will be complications?


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    Talk to your doctor.  There must be something that you are doing or using that is keeping this infection active.  

    One of the biggest issues I can think of is giving the yeast infection to your partner.  YES - men CAN get yeast infections and YOU CAN PASS IT TO THEM.

    A yeast infection is not really considered a sexually transmitted disease because you can catch it from other sources, BUT - once you have one - you can give it to your partner.  Men can also give it to you if they have a yeast infection at the time they have sex.  On men, a yeast infection causes redness and irritation around the head of the penis.  If they have their foreskin, a cottage cheese like substance can build up under the foreskin and it would be red and irritated in there.  (that can happen sometimes just because they don't clean well - but it can also be a sign of a male yeast infection.)  

    Now - ways to prevent a yeast infection - first of all, learn the kinds of things that can cause one.

    Did you know that anti-bacterial soaps can cause a yeast infection.  A yeast infection is caused by a FUNGUS.  That fungus is controlled by GOOD BACTERIA that are in your vaginal region.  If you use an anti-bacterial soap in your genital area, then you are killing the good bacteria that would help control that fungus.  Using a douche can also upset the balance of your good bacteria and cause a yeast infection.

    Diabetics often have issues with yeast infections if their sugar levels are out of control.  The fungus is increased because of increases sugar levels.  (so - if you haven't been tested for diabetes - you might want to consider it)

    Do you spend a lot of time in a chlorinated swimming pool.  The chlorine in the pool can also mess with your good bacteria and make it easier to get a yeast infection.

    Those are the main things I can think of right now.  Do some research and try to determine if you are doing anything that increases your chances for this issue to keep happening.  And be sure to talk to your doctor about how often these happen.  

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