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AC Adapter replacement. 1 number off. Can I use it?

I need to replace a laptop charger with these stats: 65W DC Input: AC 100-240V ~18A, 50-60Hz Output: 20v 3.25A. But the closest I can find for sale is one with the exact same info, except the input is "100-240V ~15A".  Is if safe to use the "~15A" to replace an original charger that said "~18A"?

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    The output is what is important.

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    5 months ago

    the input doesn't matter. output is what the computer uses.

    for input, the lower number just means it will use less electricity, but may get hotter to reach the same power levels.

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    it is the output stats that matter.  on the internet, search for a charger for your specific brand and model ... the makers of these do have them ...

  • 5 months ago

    Yes, it's fine.

    As long as the output voltage is the same, the output current or power the same or a bit higher, and the supply voltage compatible with where you want to use it, it will work OK.

    The lower figure implies it has a lower input surge current when first switched on, which is a good thing but not really important.

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