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Are any Christians concerned about Mark of the Beast prophecies as they relate to Bill Gates' vaccine for CV-19?

Gates, in association with MIT, has helped develop a vaccine marker which will allow authorities to recognize which vaccines you have gotten by the luminescent marker delivered with the vaccine into your skin. The name given to this type of luminescent material is "luciferin". 

Additionally Bill Gates is pushing for a cashless, digital currency system which could use a microchip implanted underneath your skin. He has the patent for the technology from your body-to chip-to cloud to-cryptocurrency, and its name is WO2020060606 – (World Order 2020 666) cryptocurrency system to control how you use your money. 

Will you accept a vaccine from this Satanist? 

Also did you know Gates has given large sums of money to Lucis Trust which used to be called Lucifer Trust!


@ Zac Z, Yes, I'm aware that debunkers are trying to say that 060606 is not the same as 666 or that the patent shows that the "device" is supposed to be separate from the body but these statements are OPINIONS of the author. Ignore reality at your own peril, my friend.

Update 2:

@ anonymous- The Red Dragon and Rome is referencing the anti-christ which is a different topic than the mark of the beast...

Update 3:

@Annsan-in-him - when a single data point is used for evidence, it is easy to call it into question. As the data points multiply, the picture becomes clear.

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    We shouldn't fear the cure, we should fear the cause.  The bible clearly said that we should not attack Iraq.  W. Bush defied God and attacked Iraq, and now we have God's wrath (example:  Revelation 15 (7 plagues)).

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    Wouldn't be surprised if Gates isn't Satan himself.

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    Don't you know that matches were originally called "Lucifers"? That was due to the sulphuric phosphorus that made them burn, and people thought to link 'Lucifer' in the Bible to the sulphuric lake of fire in which Satan & Co burn eternally. Calling a chemical 'luciferin' has nothing to do with the Bible. Yes, the Lucifer Trust changed its name to the Lucis Trust, but you need to offer verifiable proof that Bill Gates has given large sums of money to it. Why should we take your word for that? 

    Every generation has had to resist the 'mark' of the satanic world that seeks to enslave them, including this present generation. It's a spiritual mark for those who do not worship their Maker, putting Him before all other gods; it's for those who adore 'beastly images' that perform miracles, set up by Satan.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The biblical mark of the beast transpired long ago in ancient Rome. So relax.

    Read The Red Dragon and Rome

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