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Biologically why do all humans have a "ego"?

Every woman and man has a ego to a extent that they pride themselves in and are prideful in. Why do humans have a ego for? What does it serve? it makes people arrogant and full of themselves but EVERY normal person you meet has a big ego or an ego to a extent.

Why do humans have egos for? Why were humans born with egos? Where does it come from? Biologically why do all humans have one? What purpose does it serve? 

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  • Cowboy
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    5 months ago

    We all have a brain and develop our own mind - and that's almost ALL we have.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Having an ego is natural. All organisms have to struggle for survival. To do so, they have to take care of themselves. They need to take care of themselves before they worry about other individuals. Selfishness is universal. All organisms are selfish. Altruism is a myth. No organism is altruistic. The sterile workers of ants and bees are not altruistic. They are slaves to the queen in their own colonies. Of course, some behaviors are neither selfish nor altruistic. For example, many animals hunt cooperatively and share the rewards. Some people may think that cooperative behavior is altruistic, but that is wrong. If hunting alone is not successful, then how can it benefit the lone hunter?  If hunting as a pack results in a meal for all, then how is that altruistic?

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