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hunting down a japanese horror film?

i have veeeeeeeery vague memories of it. if i recall correctly, it was pretty generic. a girl had died, i believe via suicide. and then someone wearing an animal mascot head began killing students at the school during the night?? i think it was a rabbit or a cat mascot head. 

i also strong remember a scene where the killer was approaching a student with a bat or long metal pipe or something, clearly with the intent to kill him, and he was curled up against the wall screaming for his life. 

i believe at the end of the movie, it was revealed that the killer was either the girl that had died OR a friend of the girl seeking revenge on the people who drove her to suicide. 

i know it sounds familiar to a lot of American horror films but, yes, it was indeed Japanese. 

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    found it! it's kuronezumi lol

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