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How do you get rid of all the build up anger about someone who led you on?

This guy literally chased me up for months and months until I payed attention to him then boom! He turns around and starts to ignore my txts or one word short replies. I confronted him, asked what was his deal and he goes “ I’m trying to protect your heart from getting too engaged “!..ummm duh My heart is already engaged otherwise I wouldn’t have given you any attention!. Why do pple do this? Do they realise being led on actually hurts? Being ignored is a physical kind of pain?! Why make someone feel so special just to treat them like crap?!. I’m so hurt because before he came into my life I was happy with it. I wasn’t into anyone and I wasn’t looking for anyone either. It pisses me off when pple find me peaceful then come into my life and walk all over it like it’s a game. I wanna send a long angry txt but I know the mfcker won’t care. I’m so pissed!!!

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  • Dick
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    6 months ago

    I can't remember the last person that "led me on". I ran out of patience a long time ago. If you are not ready and able to commit to a sexual relationship on the first or second date, I'm moving on. I remember that when I made this decision, I found I was dating a MUCH better class of women. They were more confident, successful, intelligent, and actually fun to be with. Don't get angry. Just move on, and do it soon.

  • 6 months ago

    You need to remember this guy is a fool.

    Forget about him and move on.

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