One of our managers was written up and feels like he’s being discriminated against. Does he have a case?

I’m an AM at a restaurant. I’ve worked within the company for years, but I’ve only been at my current store for 2 months. Our GM has only been there for 3. The store was a mess when we got here due to poor mgt and we’ve been trying to turn it around. One thing we’ve recently implemented is write ups. They were never a thing in the past here, but we’ve had problems with insubordination and tardiness with employees, so we’ve started using them as a way to hold them accountable. When it comes to being late, we’re usually a little lenient. We let them get off with being late every once in awhile as long as they tell us ahead of time. It takes being late 3 days close together to get a write up. One of our opening managers showed up late 3 times in the past week. And not just 20-30 minutes, I’m talking like 2 hours without telling anyone. We wrote him up the other day for it and he lost it. He complained that everyone else is late, but he’s the only one getting written up. Then he called my GM racist and said she’s doing it cause he’s black. While our crew is late occasionally, they don’t do it very often and always tell us. They’ve mostly stopped since we started the write ups. He on the other hand was late 3 out of 4 shifts he worked and said nothing to us. It’s also worse because he’s a manager and sets the example for the crew. He’s been looking at labor laws and I feel like he might try to do something. Does he have a case? We have documentation of every time someone was late.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Yes, indeed he does.

  • 6 months ago

    He does not have a case.  Just fire him.

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