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Atheists, would a nation be better of if it's governed by atheists or by Christians?

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    I think anytime you govern based on reason, science and fact, as opposed to myths, lies and magical thinking, you're headed the right direction.  

  • jimmy
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    1 month ago

    A Christian government would be just as bad as the Muslim Iran or Saudi Arabian government. Religion has no business in government.

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    The entire world would be better off if every Christian moron dropped dead.

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    1 month ago

    Constantine  1 of two  newly appointed EMPEROR    of the Roman empire Combined GOVERNMENT  Direction  RULE  and Christianity made Jesus the PATRON of his ARMY 313 AD  issued the EDICT of MILAN which made Christianity a  legal religion in 380 AD  Christianity became the STATE RELIGION

    1933 GERMANY  99 %  of the population  identified as PROTESTANT  CHRISTIANS and  "ELECTED" Hitler to power and became his supporters and NAZI Army ..and wore BELT BUCKLES " God is with Us "  the Christian Book  promotes SLAVERY .. many supporters of  of SLAVERY  pointed to the bible for justification ...........Human ... BELIEFS  influence human  BEHAVIORS

    .  not sure what  "BETTER OFF " means  BETTER OFF might indicate a CHANGE from A  present state to B .a new state .... so IMAGINATION  and  certain SCENARIO  thinking .   or situations ...are   explored

    . very VAGUE  what does GOVERNED mean GOVERN is to conduct POLICY  action and affairs of  "THE STATE "

      there are also Governments that have SEPARATION  of CHURCH and STATE 

    which has CIVIL and SECULAR LAWS rather than a THEOCRACY

    the Vatican is a THEOCRACY government  citizenship  is by invitation and makes all decisions  related to religious beliefs and teachings a set doctrine  related to  Supernatural  propositions  none which can be demonstrated there is ARISTOCRACY  CAPITALISM  COLONIALISM DEMOCRACY  FEDERALISM COMMUNISM OLIGARCHY  MONARCHY ..... and 12 more systems of GOVERNING

    ATHEIST and THEIST is about  each individual  person accepting or rejecting a SINGLE PROPOSITION termed a god

    In  THEOCRACY governments   leaders are members of the clergy and the STATES LEGAL system is based on RELIGIOUS LAW  the population  has no say or  questioning  or ability to express grievances its authoritarian dictatorship

    Christianity is a RELIGION  RELIGION    is a cultural system of directed behaviors and practices  of a SOCIAL ORGANIZATION on populations . based on  their BELIEFS and teaching DOCTRINE   with  the promotion of one or more SUPER NATURAL proposition

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  • 1 month ago

    It's a false dichotomy, because Christianity and Atheism aren't opposites.

    Christianity claims that 'God' exists, and atheists lack belief in that 'God'.  Atheism by itself is not an ideology, and makes no positive claim.

    Christians who want to shift the burden of proof onto atheists attempt this false dichotomy all the time.

    *Anti-theism* on the other hand, IS an ideology - and that is what gets mislabeled as 'atheism' when it gets used to govern a nation.  While an anti-theist is 'atheist', they have taken it a step further by making the positive claim that 'no god exists'.

    At that point they take on a burden of proof, but they are also going to let that ideology dictate their words and actions.

  • 1 month ago

    For the freedom of thought → atheists! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 1 month ago

    Logic and reason are better guides than mythology and superstition. However I would take a leader who is a Christian in their private life if they were just and reasonable.

  • 1 month ago

    I think that's pretty clear at this point, don't you? Before you answer, remember things like The Crusades, the burning of "witches", the burning of "heathens", the massacres of anyone not of the same specific sect of the ruling party, etc.

  • 1 month ago

    If only it were that simple! Religions are man-made anyway. The Christian church(es), for example, are a very long way from the original intention, due largely to huge omissions from the original New Testament in particular, distortions, mis-translations and inaccuracies by various early churchmen (not women!), not least Paul and the Emperor Constantine. One rather suspects that much the same can be said for other mass religions. Most western countries are secular; a number of Asian countries are Jewish (one), Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist. Hardly any are actually Christian; the U.K., for example, changed in the seventeenth century. Besides, Christianity, Islam and Judaism each have two distinct factions.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Look at world history, both ancient and modern.

    Religion is just another word for pure tyranny.

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