If we have HD 4K cameras now, why do store security cameras still show a grainy picture even when the suspects are seen up close?

I mean, I can understand small businesses may not have the money to afford such high quality cameras, but why not even multi-million dollar retail store franchises?

2 Answers

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    5 months ago

    the camera may be 4K, but if you record in 4K video, it will fill up a hard drive very quickly. and because they have so many cameras, they need to conserve space.

    also, you don't get to be a "multi-million dollar retail store" by wasting thousands of dollars on high end video security equipment for EACH store in their franchise...

  • 5 months ago

    First of all, they have to update their cameras from what they had before. That may require store closure or significant downtime of the security system. So they'll use it until it breaks, because it's good enough for what they need it for.

    Second, they have to store those videos. Storing days or even weeks of 4K video is going to require a lot of space, both digital and physical. If they stored it on a cloud server, it might take a long time to retrieve later for local law enforcement, or require installing a high-speed internet connection the store would otherwise not need.

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