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Why is she so upset???? Help?

I used to like this girl from my work Andrea, she was married with kids but I never mentioned my feelings because I respected her marriage.  Me and her were friends,  we would always talk and laugh at work.   It began to look like she was catching feelings for me,    She told someone that she really cares about me and how I make her day.  Later people began making Rumors and drama about us.  

The drama got so bad my manager told me to stop talking to her unless it was work related.  I think she was having a lot of problems with 2 specific coworkers.  Andrea would talk to me when no one was looking,  but one day I gave her a gift card for her birthday,  Andrea told manager about the card and I got in lots of trouble.  I was moved from her floor,    She told someone that I made things worse when I gave her the card.

She doesn’t even look at me in the eyes.  She went on a stress leave for 5 months,  and she blocked me from everything ..... I don’t understand what happened between us?????  Why is she mad with me????

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    cause she dont want you bothering her cause shes married

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