What is the worst KidzBop album?

For Christmas I want to get my brother as many of KidzBop albums as I can, and I would like to get the weirdest and worst ones. Albums with bad songs like Walking On Sunshine, Old Town Road, or something else. Whatever you think the word KidzBop album is so I can give it to my brother would be great.


Just so you know it's just a joke, okay? It's just an ironic little thing and I don't want any of this to get personal so please don't make it that way. If you are seriously trying to swear out a random person on the internet for getting their brother a joke present than you just need to chill out.

Update 2:

Nevermind I'll just get him as many as I can since they're all pretty much dumpster fires in my opinion.

Update 3:

still answer though please

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Ok, so first of all, you're either A) a huge troll that's wasting time, or B) a kid that is a really spoiled. In either case, you're acting like a 9-year old and you shouldn't be on Yahoo Answers.

    IF you're seriously planning to get your brother the worst Kidz Bop albums though, that is pretty childish of you and I don't think it'd be nice to get a pretty crappy gift for your brother.

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