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My oldest sister has depression, how do I know she is not faking it? ?

My sister who is currently 37 was diagnosed with the covid-19 2 months ago.She had this virus for about 1 month and after that she became depressed. She could not sleep for days so doctors admitted her to a psychiatric hospital. She was there for 1 week, I have been watching her kids, but now that they return back to school, I told her husband that I could not watch them any more, I have a 7 year old who is going to be doing online(he has asthma) at school they want an adult to be next to them for 6 hours. He understood,but not her, she wants to be at home with me, and her 7 year old,+ a 3 year old.I honestly don't get why she is depressed,my parents gave her everything, she was a honor student at school,she was pretty, and was very popular, so how can someone like that get depressed? My life was not easy, my parents never gave me all that they gave her, my father used to hit me if I didn't get my chores done, now  my life is great. Every day I thank God for another day, if I get sad I cry for about a minute or 2 then I start getting busy with my life and I move on. Right now she says her husband doesn't help her with chores, and she has to take care of her kids, and her house. I feel bad for telling her that I really cant keep her here and watch her and her children, but then she starts crying. Now my mother hates me for not accepting them here. I am self employed and will be working after online school is done. I'm worried about her kids. Any advice helps! Thank you. 

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    Instead of making some huge story out of all this in your mind and living an ego-based life, just say "i can't do it, sorry" and move forward with your own life.

    If your sister is depressed, she is.  How can she be depressed? Well, sometimes it's caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, other times it's situational. Either way, depression is depression.

    If your mom is so concerned, why can't your sister and her kid go to your Mom's house?  Really. 

  • 1 month ago

    You seem like a good sister but you have to understand that that's not how depression works. Depression is a mental disorder so no matter how lucky you are in life you can get depressed. it's not something that you can just get over by thinking positively. You can and should help her but be sure to draw your line when it becomes your burden, no matter what anyone says.

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