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What happen if you fail in us airforce physical fitness test?

I am just curious, do they have any considerations if you fail the Physical fitness test? 

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    You get put on an exercise program and a chance to pass it.   It is not that hard to pass.   If you fail again they will consider kicking you out.  

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    you can pretty much kiss your career good bye

    It will effect your performance evaluations and most likely your chance at reenlisting

  • Daniel
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    Oldprof is right about one thing, he doesn't know about the Air Force and I suspect his answer about the Navy is extremely dated.  

    This the the latest from the Air Force: https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/...

    If you fail before you are due, it's a freebie.  It doesn't look like they actually got a chance to implement it because they suspended PT testing due to COVID.

    Under the previous policy, if you failed, you had 42-90 days to get back in shape and re-test.  Usually nothing happens to you on a first time failure unless your performance report is before you retest.  Then you got a mark-down.  I think that also changed recently from being a mandatory mark-down to an optional one.  The AFI has a list of progressive punishments that can be handed out the more consecutive tests that you fail.  Promotions can be held up until you pass.  Eventually, if you fail enough times, you can be demoted, denied re-enlistment, or even kicked out.  They are outlined starting at page 52 and on a chart on page 99.  https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af...

    Also, Air Force is two words.  

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    Don't know about the USAF, but in the USN the test failures are put on a "weak squad" and have to attend mandatory physical exercise classes until the failure finally passes the tests.  The mandatory classes are typically held before normal reveille but some are held after normal work hours.   I would imagine the USAF does the same.

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