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Would you tell me names of american beers ? ?

I know Italians beer ( Peroni, dreher ), belgian beers ( artois Stardust ), and so on.. And US beers ? Which are ? 

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    There were a number of German brewers who took a foothold in the beer market in the mid 19th century. Budweiser, Coors, Miller. They all stayed in business during prohibition in the 1920s in various ways. Beer, we have to remember was a German thing. Talking about the American beer market is like like talking about the Indian beef trade. The Canadian wine market or the Mexican bok choy holdings.

    That said, the Americans have been working on modern and decent beers, wines, and spirits in the passed 30-40 years. Still to this day even when bought by ABinBev they still only get regional distribution. So names don't really matter Unless I know what city you are visiting at the moment.

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    bud miller coors bluemoon

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    The big three pisswater manufacturers. 




    We also have HUNDREDS of other smaller breweries that aren't as prevalent but make much better beers and are nationally available - a few are:

    Sierra Nevada




    Dogfish Head

    New Belgium 

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    Budweiser ...... Budweiser is  American beer  

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