Just wanna see if things are normal, I think they are gladly?

As a follow up to my last question, my gf called me, and we talked for a good while... I brought up some of the things that I had said in the last, and it was over all a good conversation. Today I found myself getting in my head again, so I looked back at some of our old texts and fb posts we tagged each other in, and it made me really happy. Do you ever have those times where you are kinda feeling down and unsure but look back and see all the little things they do to let you know they care? She might not always be in the mood to be all mushy and lovey dovey all the time, and that’s something I’ll just have to adjust to, but I look back and see all the subtle ways she lets me know she loves me and it makes my heart melt lol... she explained that she feels a lot of things and just doesn’t know how to express them sometimes, and that it’ll most likely come out over time, so I’m not gonna try and force it lol. I also have attributed my constant anxiety and worry about her to my stunning lack of friends... I think I need to find other things to occupy my mind with than just her and I, it’s just not healthy, and I want things to be the best for both of us, I’m working on changing that ASAP... I don’t want to ruin this being all worried and anxious all the time, I know she’s not into that, I don’t think anyone is lol. Really though, thanks to everyone whos answered my questions and helped me toward this revelation. Lemme know what you think

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  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should talk to her about all this

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