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If your Iranian friend tells you he kinda supports Israel but his Arab friends say that doing so is betraying brown people what should he do?

And they say that even though they are two different races, there is still that unspoken rule that brown people should generally support other brown people over white people


And he adds that they point out that Iranians are already hated so badly by white people, sympathizing with Israelis will only make brown people hate them as well

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    He should tell his Arab friends that they need to present a more compelling argument, because there are all sorts of "brown people" all around the world..."Brown people" make up about 60% of humanity, scattered all across the globe - many of which would gladly feast on Arab livers if given the chance.  They need to choose their allies more thoughtfully, and after thinking it over, it seems like there might be more common ground with the traditional Israeli enemies than with some of the other "brown people" in the vicinity.

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    It does not seem to be a matter of fur. The Islamists support each other, even though Shiites from Iran and Sunnis from Arabia have been at war with each other for 14 centuries.

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    Tell him he can support whichever side he damn well pleases.

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