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Girls: Have you ever dumped a guy because he is 30 and never had a girlfriend in his life?

you would think that men who never had a girlfriend is trust worthy. He never had kids where you would have to meet the mother of, You don't have to hear stories about how his ex girlfriend was better than you, and he spent a loooong time bettering himself as a person, and getting lots of skills and learning how to care for other people. He would be better than a lot of men who had plenty of girlfriends in their late teens, and then stopped growing and learning themselves because since they're having sex, there's no need for improvement in anything other than sex related skills for his girlfriend.

I would personally think that a man who has never had a girlfriend (virgin) in his 30s is infinitely more desirable to a woman than a man who has been married before, or has had sex while drunk in his college dorm. 

But what do you ladies think? Would you dump a man, or at least have less respect for him just because he's 30, and never dated? Would you be embarrassed to be seen with someone like him upon knowing that?

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    Women look at it as there's something wrong with him. Sure he can get his life together and not live in his parents basement, finally getting into the game. There's ton of fish in the sea my father always says. 

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