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What can we do if a boss is avoiding paying for hours worked?

My husband recently returned to work full time, and he only worked a week before his boss informed him that he can’t afford to pay him to work full time right now. He told me husband that he would be paid for his full 40 hours that he worked, and from now on he needs to cut back to 3 days (24 hours) a week. When my husband got his paycheck for the week he worked full time, he was shorted 2 days worth of pay. His boss then told him that over the next 2 weeks, he needs to cut down to only 2 days a week, but they would pay him for 3 days to make up for the money they shorted him. So basically, they are cutting his hours even more to make up for the money they owe him. We have already attempted to talk to his boss and he has now stopped replying to my husband. This seems like it may be going against employment laws. Is there anything we can do in this situation?


My husband WAS laid off, and I am grateful he was able to return to work. However, we are in the process of buying a home and without a full time job we will lose the mortgage. We have been very understanding with his company, but it has been 2 years of situations like this now. As a married couple, we handle these situations together, so rude comments are not necessary.

Update 2:

SECOND UPDATE: my husband was originally told he was allowed to come back full time, he didn’t just start working again by his own choice. He works for a company of 5 people that we have known many years, which is why they know about the mortgage. Again, as his wife, we handle these situations together and are both working to get answers. If your answer is rude, don’t even comment.

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    "We" can't do anything.  He can - he is the employee.  He should file a claim with the Dept. of Labor as to the shortage.  Then he should work just 2 days a week, or when they schedule him to work.  He should file for unemployment to make up for the shortage of work hours.  They may fire him when they find out about the Dept. of Labor claim but he shouldn't worry about that because he can prove that he was fired for just cause - trying to collect income he was owed and not paid when due.  He will still be eligible for unemployment benefits.  This is probably the only reason when a person is still eligible - fired for an unjust cause.  Or, he can choose to wait for payment.  It's really up to him how he chooses to handle it.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal for 25+ years & with Employment law experience.
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    Taking what YOU say at face value, your husband was paid for the hours he worked.

    IF you left out him working more hours than he was told he could work, he should be FIRED on that grounds alone.

    If they are allowing him to stay on the job, he is getting off easy.

    Note: Your mortgage is none of the company's business.

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    You can check with your state labor board to see if the reduction in hours qualifies your husband for partial unemployment benefits.  

    You could also choose to be understanding  of your husbands employer’s predicament and be thankful that your husband hasn’t been outright laid off, but that’s up to you.  

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    You husband NOT YOU...YOU keep out of it. However yu do not state which country this is in and employment laws/pay is relevant to country...... however your husband should be looking for another job and applying as it sounds likely this business is in deep financial trouble and your husband is highly likely to have no job in a couple of weeks as the business closes

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