Do you find this as outrageous as I do?

I am a college student. In one of my classes we were told to do a class project the would “Enhance our knowledge of the world”. We choose a project that was a test. The athletic director of the college, a guy, had an opening for an assistant. My classmate Betty is very flat chested (A cup). We had Betty apply for the job. Betty has an A grade point average. She has volunteer coached several college sports teams and has been a player on several college sports teams. She had a resume that detailed all her sports experience. Betty’s interview lasted one half hour and they ask her many questions about sports rules and the sports teams she liked. She answered every one of the questions

My classmate Nancy bought the biggest bra she could find (G cup) and stuffed it with tissue. She wore a blond wig to the interview for the job. She wore a sweater that showed off her big boobs and she wore Daisy Duke style shorts. She had no resume and no sports experience and no interest in sports. She had a C grade point average. He interview lasted 5 minutes and mostly considered of whether she could work on weekends.

We all learned a great lesson from this and it really enhanced our knowledge of the world. Nancy got the job offer. I think that is disgusting. Is it legal to discriminate in hiring because of boob size?

Should we inform the college president of this or the local media or do nothing? Please give us your opinion what we should do.


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  • 2 months ago

    Move to Hawaii and find out. You sound “smart”, can’t believe you made it to College. I guess mommy and daddy bribed a few figure heads.

  • 2 months ago

    That's an interesting story, dude, but it's not original. It's been asked here before (possibly by you).

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