inexperienced with child support, support it when they have absolutely no clue how discrimitarie it is? ?


I personally was the petitioner,  and the crack head mother won, a decade later my son was in dcyf custody,  surprise,  how do we destroy the neo/united nations f as lse courts, and keep them from destroying America?

Update 2:

anon: that is a blatant lie!!!!

Update 3:

when one is the petitioner,  and dcyf ends up raising the child due to strategic lies, i find them irresponsible of their actions just as the other parent!

Update 4:

🖕 you and them all, for being dishonest!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I don't know what discrimitarie means.  Discriminatory?

    It's not.  Both birth parents are responsible for the cost of raising a child.  The non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent.  Don't want to pay?  Then get custody.

    What do you find discriminatory about child support awards?

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