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How come people won't let me make my own decisions just cause I have autism and am schizophrenic ?

So I have schizophrenia and autism as well and I got in trouble a while back. I'm out on bond and violated my bond conditions once already and they want to slap an ankle monitor on me. They haven't done it yet so I'm wanting to go up to philadelphia to see a good friend of mine who I've recently reconnected. My family and everyone is trying to stop me and is yelling at me for it. My therapist yelled at me and said this over and over, she said "what is going to happen when you leave the state ? what will happen ? what will happen ? tell me now". She said it in a rude and mean way. No one is supportive of me in this decision of mine. I'm tired of being controlled and I just want to do things my way. How come people won't let me make my own decisions cause of these two illnesses ?

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    still waiting for you to prove you are kenneth...i don't think you are him....

  • Mike G
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    5 months ago

    Because you have autism and are schizophrenic.

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