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When a guy looks at you like this does it mean something?

A good looking but serious guy always stares at me in a really worried and compassionate way, as if he really cares about me. He never says hi by the way. When a guy at work talked to me he pretended he was working but he turned his head to see what was happening. When we have to talk due to work he always helps me and is kind but never smiles. One time he saw me carrying too many things and he helped me right away. His eyes are still ice cold and I cannot understand what he wants or means. He is also really tall so when he lowers his look at me I look at him and we both look at each other's eyes and he makes me feel like I am in a fairytale. But he never talks to me or acknowledges me, if it's not about work.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Apparently he's keeping things professional because he wants to keep his job. But if his presence makes your day easier I guess you could go on imagining that he's prince charming and you're a damsel in a tower needing rescue. 

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