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Bestfriend turned enemy?

My best friend of 10 years and I recently stopped being friends. I noticed I would message her and she would ignore my messages and go post on social media and respond to other people. I asked if everything is okay and she told me she needed a “mental health break” I told her I completely understand and after I said that she sent me 3 paragraph messages telling me I’ve been nothing but negative to her this whole year? I’m the same person since I moved out of state and I play victim? (we would often vent to each other) she even brought up when we were 14/15 how I was “mean” when it came to the relationship advice I would give ( mind you we are both in our late twenties and I told her I never been in a relationship at that time to speak so sorry if I sounded harsh) I then brought up how she would say negative comments whenever we hung around other ppl and called me names I ignored because I thought she was joking. She then tells me I’m bringing up the past?! After she was the one who brought it up? & I also spoke to her about relationships and she’s saying i deserve the mistreatment because she went through the same?? Who says this to their friend? She then said I have typical (my name behavior) ?? Like? Her birthday is coming up And I’m not sure if I should say anything? It’s been a month since we spoken. Maybe we outgrew each other? I’ve always sensed some jealously but I figured that’s what we all go through as far as insecurities and I’ve always been there for her...

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    Your former friend is a toxic hypocrite. Stay away from her. We all have our drama queen moments, but she's out of control at this point. She's not some 17 or 18 year old kid, she's a grown woman. If she feels that you were mistreating her in the past, she has a right to be upset, but she should talk to you about it in a mature and calm manner, not attack you about it now. But really, she's being hypocritical about mistreatment, when she's been the one embarrassing you in front of other people. I recommend that you continue to go on a separate course. You haven't spoken in a month, it seems that she's moving on with her life, move on with yours. Every friendship has struggles, but for her to constantly attack you at this age is just dumb. You don't need that kind of stress. Best of luck to you 😊

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    Time to cut ties, block her, let it be over with.

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    Don't do to others what you would hate them doing to you. If you keep that in mind, your relationship might have a chance.

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    I have a friend EXACTLY like that and while she may be going through some mental thing right now her behavior in the past seemed toxic anyways. It seems like you should just leave her alone. It's been a month since I stopped reaching out to her and she has not responded to me and didn't say anything and I've just been living my life so I think you should too. 

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