What is there to do in Provo by yourself?

So I'm a freshman going to BYU for the first time this semester, and I'm really excited. But I'm going to be up there 2 weeks before my roommate or any of my other friends get there, and classes don't start for 2 weeks either. So I'm pretty much being thrown into my tiny dorm by myself completely. I know I'm going to workout everyday, explore campus (like where my classes are and the library), and OBVIOUSLY watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but there are only so many games a day 😭 What fun stuff is there to try while I'm up there?


This is Provo, Utah btw 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Well, since you're a hockey fan, I think Peaks Ice Arena is open. There are parks and hiking trails that are open to. 

    I'm not sure whether they're open (covid) but you might want to take this chance to see some museums etc. in town; I know from experience that once classes begin, none of your friends are going to want to do that kind of thing. 

    I know you said you're were going to "explore campus" but don't limit that to finding your classes and where the library is. The BYU campus has a lot to do: there's an arboretum, a paleontology museum, and a planetarium that I think are all open. The art museum and the culture museum I think are closed due to covid. 

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    They are allowing you to move in two weeks before everyone else? Wild did g halls even be open? Where are you going to eat? Is the campus going to be open, buildings, library open for you to go inside? 

    Do you have a car? 

    Better brinag some things to do with you.

  • sam
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    2 months ago

    I know drybar comedy does standup comedy there. A lot of comedians record specials there which you can see on You tube  to get the idea. Not sure if they will be open during Covid though.

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