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What are some alternatives to suicide? ?

Don't worry, I'm not going to kill myself so don't talk about "getting help" and "therapy". I haven't the money or time for it. I'd gladly die tonight and never see anyone again or be apart of this world, I've often felt like this before when things go wrong but never as whole hearted. I have no money, there's the covid situation, I've lost my job and can either be homeless or live with my parents and family who are a team against me and no matter what I do I'm the bad guy and I flip out and lose my temper and that adds more money to the bank of "hating John". If I moved out tomorrow I know all our lives would be better, I don't have to deal with the pain and they don't have to deal with my anger and overreaction even though it may warrant a reaction. I just want to die but at the same time, if one of them died or committed suicide I'd never be able to "move out" or "move anywhere" to escape the fact that I contributed to that. That's the only reason I wouldn't 

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    Do something different.  Like take a carribean cruise, or if you have no money, join the crew of a tramp steamer.

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    Your parents are probably deeply invested in you, and any progress you make would make them happy, such as doing chores around your home, being kind when they aren't.  You might find living at home and training in a trade you can do without being angry about it is possible: for example.

    Related:  "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet;

    "A Warrior's Path" by Robert Trivino;

    "The Quarter-Life Breakthrough."

    Keeping a garden, growing some food, keeping a pet, may also be positive.

    Even if you value your time, and offer some free counseling.  The Klove people are 24/7.

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    The only thing would be to die when it's your time.

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